The Growth Method is the first complete business operating system, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It focuses on four key components of your business to help you increase revenue, profit, and the salable value of your company. You’ll learn to build a company that has operational strength backed by strategic thinking. You’ll have a better company culture, happier customers and clients, the ability to work on the business instead of in the business, and a bigger bottom line.

The Growth Method will help your business excel in four key areas:

People Performance

Attract and retain the right people to your organization; then ensure you’re leveraging their full potential.

Operational Excellence

Build a business that’s driven by process, nails execution, and meets the highest quality standards.

Focused Strategy

Define a clear vision for where your company is headed and make smarter decisions about how to get there.

Financial Engine

Establish a strong financial system that promotes profitability and gives you visibility into the numbers that drive your business.

How the Growth Method works.

Growth Kickstart

Your first 90 days:

Kick start DAy 1

Frame the journey

  • North star
  • 3 Year Objectives V1
  • Role Map V1
  • OKRs
  • Meeting Rhythm
Kick start DAy 2

Align your vision

  • Role Map V2
  • 6Ws (Core Values, Mission, Niche)
  • 3 Year Objectives V2
  • Annual Objectives V2
  • Scorecard v1
Kick start DAy 3

Solidify your plan

  • Quarterly Review
  • Finalize Role Map
  • Finalize Scorecard
  • 6ws
  • Finalize Annual objectives
  • growth for all
  • OKRs
  • Finance Tools

Iterate & Accelerate

Build operational strength—backed by strategic thinking.

Growth for All.

Our Growth for All service will help roll out the Growth Method to all corners of your organization, not just the executives or senior leadership team. This service has a focus on mid-level managers and aligning each department.

A Growth Consultant will come in to facilitate quarterly planning sessions for different departments, giving the entire team support, attention, and accountability with the following:

  • Bring operational strength and strategic thinking to every department
  • Alignment on core values and company goals
  • Integrate OKRs, our goal-setting method, into the entire organization
  • Encourages innovation at every level of the company

Growth starts here.

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